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Serial Key Rslogix 5000 V20 - RS Merchant Services

The RAW display mode sends values to the terminal as raw byte values without any text conversion. This is useful for ASCII serial interfaces. It can also be used to speed up the display of bus sniffers and other high-speed functions where converting raw bytes to text takes too much time. Adjust the display format in your serial terminal to see the raw values as HEX/DEC/BIN.

Serial Key Rslogix 5000 V20

BUGS FIXED:1. If a log contains a single line > 1/2Mb it would cause a crash. Limited any single entry to be the show only 500000 characters for all actions.2. Fixed a seperate crash when parsing categories from an lcf file. Limiting log entries to hold only 500000 characters fixed this.3. Crash when searching performing an adhoc search on a log or search incorrectly matches matches all lines (when not using plugin)4. Select All (Ctrl+A) in the Ad Hoc search edit window now select text in the window, not all the log entries5. Ctrl-C copies the expected visible text when using a plugin rather than the original log entry

v2.01. Renamed to Flexible Log Reader (FlexiLogReader) as new changes mean it can work with ASCII logs of any type - not just BO related (e.g. NW logs/tomcat logs etc).2. Category Config Files (.ccf) renamed, for the last time, to Log Config Files (.lcf). This is more appropriate for the type of config in them.23. New info pane added (pane appears below the category/log view). This shows informational data such as config file errors/search information.2. Number of characters which are displayed for row of log increased to around 5000 (previously was about 1000).24. Double clicking a line in the log will display the entire line in a info pane at the bottom of the FlexiLogReader4. New Find Windows. accessed from the View menu or Ctrl-F1. Log is now accessible quicker - categories are analysed in the background so you don't need to wait until its complete before looking at the log2. Adding search items to the category list is now down in the background - the application wont hang when clicking 'Add'3. Progress bar shows how far it is through analysing the log file for added adhoc search categories4. Split the main tool bar and created a new search tool bar5. Using the Windows 'Open With...' can be used to open a file in the FlexiLogReader directly in the log reader7. New [FILES] keyword for lcf file - this defines the format of matching files names and defines sort order. See .lcf files for examplese.g. for generic BI4 log files this is: [FILES](.*)_trace.(\d*).glf8. New [TITLE] keyword for lcf file. This identifies what the ccf file is used for and will appear in the list when opening a new log file.9. Point 5 and 6 means that the name of the .lcf file is no longer important - the [FILES] and [TITLE] keyword identify what this lcf file is used for10. After opening a log file it will be accessible significantly quicker - main parsing now done in thread after the intial log parse10. You can now choose the lcf file to use to analyse a new log - e.g. there can be many ccf files for CMS logs, one for Auditing and one for Authentication - you can choose which one depending on your type of problem11. New [INCLUDE] keyword allows inclusion of another .lcf log into this one e.g. [INCLUDE]DefaultBI4Log.lcf12. Can now define the column seperator in the [COLUMNS] keyword (default is ,) use \ for special characters e.g. \, or \] e.g. [COLUMNS,seperator:,mincount:34]3,6,7,9,10,3413. Can change the column seperator character when choosing which columns to display (overriding the setting defined in the [COLUMNS] keyword14. Updated code to position overview in better more flexible way15. Added missing tooltip for the filter columns button17. Added two new buttons to tool bar for going to first and last selected entries18. If you select the first, last, next or previous selected category buttons a popup will tell you if no selected categories available.19. Progress bars now for each individual action (opening files, searching, adding default categories)20. An update to .lcf no longer requires a log reader restart to take effect. Just reload the log.21. Ability to right click on a category in the tree pane to sort its children either alphabetically or numerically 22. New 'sort' keyword (number or string) for a category. All direct children will be sorted automatically as they are added. e.g. [CATEGORY,sort:number]Threads25. Errors whilst loading the log config files are displayed in the info pane. Useful when creating a new lcf file26. New 'addstopmatching' keyword for a COMPARE adds the entry to the categories and will move onto the next log line (matching no further categories for this line)27. New search type regex - this uses the perl regular expression format - this can be used in lcf files or in the search pane (in lcf file: [COMPARE,regex28. New search type regex dynamic - this uses the perl regular expression format - arguments in brackets appear dynamically as categories (in lcf file: [COMPARE,regex]\ *\d+\ *(\d+)\ matches and creates categories for threads in a BI 4.0 log)29. Empty Lines are now automatically put in a new category which is set to 'hidden'30. Selected line is no longer shown in bold text as this had different text spacing so line appeared shorter31. Files category shows total file size as well as number of files33. Limit on search string length extended to 1024 characters34. Updated 'stopmatching' to be 'nocountstopmatching' for a COMPARE. It matching the entry and ignores further categories without adding it to the category count35. New 'countstopmatching' keyword for a COMPARE. Adds the entry to the categories and will move onto the next entry into the log (matching no further categories for this line)36. New 'countcontinuethiscategory' keyword for a COMPARE. Adds the entry to the category and continue to search the current category for further matches. This might mean that one category can match a single entry twice. The default is to skip further possible matches of this category37. Updated 'skipcategory' to be 'nocountskipcategory' keyword for a COMPARE. Does not add the entry to the categories but will move onto the next entry into the (matching no further entries for the current category for this particular log entry)35. Category pane no longer flickers when being updated36. Removed the Print toolbar icon37. Adhoc Search Next and Search Previous, without adding to categories38. Quick search is now higlighted, on the fly, in green in the log view.39. Pressing Enter in the search window will find the next matching entries rather than adding to categories40. Added 'Go To Line Number' option in 'Go To' menu41. Any filename extensions defined in .lcf files will automatically be added to the Open Log dialog of types of files to display as 'Log Files'


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