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DMC - P R O S T (Official Video) !!HOT!!

We found no clinical trials that used VR for the treatment of PND. However,we found three studies in total [40, 67, 68] which used some form oftechnology. Two of them [67, 68] used video recordings, mostly forsupervision purposes. The third study [40] was internet based for thedelivery of CBT.

DMC - P R O S T (Official Video)

From our investigation, we found no clinical trials that had used VR as aform of treatment for PND. However, we found three studies which usedtechnological means in clinical practice. One study investigated the efficacyof Toddler-Parent Psychotherapy (TPP), for the improvement of parents'and infants' mental health [67]. The technological means that wereemployed during this study were videotapes which had recorded the interactionbetween the mother and the infant. However, the videotapes were used forsupervision purposes to ensure the "fidelity of the intervention"itself. 041b061a72


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