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Comedians 2021 - 96 Min Commedia

Nassime Chida is a lecturer in Italian at Columbia University. She earned her PhD in Italian and Comparative Literature and Society from Columbia University in 2019 where her dissertation 'Local power in Dante's Inferno' explored Dante's representations of local leaders. Her work on Dante's biographies appeared on Digital Dante and her research on Inferno 27 appeared in Romanic Review (2021). Her current book project, Dante Historian and Political Theorist uses the works of medieval chroniclers and current historians to historicize the political and historical content of Dante's Commedia.

Comedians 2021 - 96 min Commedia


She is perhaps the most difficult character to imagine in 2021, but one detail makes the job easier: the uniform. No longer that of a nun, but a symbol of strictness, dedication, respect, and formality, the same features with which we can see her in a contemporary society committed to fulfilling her duties. Three brands stand out over all the others to match her needs: first of all, Giorgio Armani. The king of elegance, timeless suits, and minimalism, where only one element stands out, even if it is only the cut of the suit. Strictly in classic shades such as gray, white, black, deep blue, and beige. 041b061a72


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