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Where To Buy Ar500 Steel Plate

The main benefit of AR500 steel plate, like any abrasion resistant steel, is its ability to resist wear and abrasion. Because of this, it can lead to less down time and can improve the longevity of your equipment by reducing erosion and wear. All of this, in turn, can lead to maximized production time.

where to buy ar500 steel plate


AR500 is a grade of abrasion resistant (AR) steel plate that is known for its hardness, toughness, and resistance to wear and tear. This grade has one of the highest levels of hardness out of the common AR steel plate grades - with a Brinell Hardness Number (BHN) of between 460-544 - and is typically used in high-wear and impact applications. AR500 steel plate meets ASTM E10 specifications for Brinell hardness testing.

The hardness and toughness of AR500 steel plate make it extremely resistant to wear and impact. These properties make AR500 steel a durable, long-lasting material, which is crucial in applications that require materials that can withstand extreme wear.

The high-carbon composition and additional chemical alloys included in AR500 steel give the material enhanced hardness and wear resistance. However, the addition of high amounts of carbon also reduces the formability and strength of AR500 as compared to other steel plate grades. The hardness of AR500 also means the material is more rigid and, therefore, less machinable compared to mild carbon and HSLA steel grades.

AR500 is also used in other industries and applications where the ability for a material to endure high levels of abrasion is important, including mining and construction equipment. Some common applications of AR500 plate include:

We were shooting armor steel targets at our gun range in Mission, Texas. The .223's were making the armor steel look like swiss cheese. The targets were completely shot up in a couple of months.We bought 1/2 inch AR500 steel plates from XSteel a year ago. The targets have taken thousands of hits but still look as good as they did a year ago. XSteel targets are worth every penny.

Customer Question: Your targets use hardware to attach to the backing plates, where others weld the plates straight to the targets. Other manufacturers claim this method is superior due to the removal of anything on the front of the target that may cause ricochet. What would Blue Steel's response be to the use of fasteners instead of welding?

BEST Response: There is very little concern of any ricochet from mounting hardware as they account for very little of the targets surface area! In research, it is much SAFER and more practical to mount your AR500 target NOT weld them especially in high strike zone areas. The reason is simple, by welding to the back of the target you heat up the AR500 steel, the heat then weakens the target plate leaving you with a target that will be a lot more likely to be affected by bullet strike and it will divot which makes bullet deflection erratic. Another good reason we bolt our targets is for longevity, you can reverse the target plate at any time and utilize both sides!

We build superior AR500 targets that lastBlue Steel Targets manufactures AR500 steel targets in the Pacific Northwest, where the outdoors is an integral part of everyday life. Our co-founders, Chris Sankey and Jerod Priebe, s...

Unlike conventional targets, you can use our AR500 steel plate targets again and again. They can sustain heavy damages without any signs of failure. The targets are perfect for guns that support heavy ammo. The thick plate nature of the best shooting targets allows you to use them for prolonged periods. You can purchase these reactive steel targets to train your soldiers for longer and harder periods.

Shooting indoors is relatively simple and easy. However, while practicing outdoors, you need to invest in high-duty plates that can sustain damage from heavy guns. Also, you cannot bring the shooting targets back to you with a powered pulley in case of an outdoor shooting range. Under such circumstances, the gong nature of our AR500 steel plate targets helps you identify the right and the wrong shots. In case your bullet hits the target, it produces a heavy metallic noise that helps you track the shot. You can go and check the accuracy of the shot for yourself using binoculars later.

All of our steel shooting targets for sale are 100% domestic laser cut AR500, not plasma cut to preserve the characteristics of the steel. They are shipped unpainted allowing you to paint whatever color you choose. After painting, the bullet impact will mark the plate with a hit by blowing off the paint, just repaint and reuse. After the target plates have been laser cut they are washed with solvent to remove oils. There may be numbers written on them representing the certified sheets from which they were cut. These steel shooting target plates are made to last thousands of rounds.

Wearalloy 500, or AR500, is a specific type of abrasion resistant steel that is created by a heat treatment that through-hardens the steel to create a high impact structure. The steel plate has a hardness of 477-534 BHN which represents the hardness of the material through the penetration of an indenter scale. The steel is a high-carbon steel alloy that is created by a through-hardening process that heats and cools the plate repeatedly. The reheat and cooling cycle treatment creates a crystal-structural hardness that gives it a superior surface quality.

Our AR500 steel plates meet all flatness and thickness requirements the 50% standards that are specified in ASTM A-6. All of the mechanical properties for the abrasion resistance steel matches the ASTM E10.

Wearalloy AR500 can be cold formed in a press brake or rolls. At sharper bends, forming should be performed with the axis of bend at right angles to the rolling direction or cross grain of the plate. Remove rough edges on plate by grinding prior to forming. It is necessary to allow for a bending radius of 3 to 5 times that of ordinary steel.

At BulletSafe our job is to keep you safe in the most affordable way. Some people ask us why we don't make ballistic plates from AR500 steel. AR500 steel is a very popular alloy for stopping bullets. There is a problem with steel plates when used in the real world though. The video posted below explains it well.

With more and more companies and individuals manufacturing steel targets, the water has become increasingly muddy where accurate information is concerned. With technical data provided by the American Iron and Steel Institute in Washington D.C., this report is designed to cut through the recent hype and establish a basis of fact for accurate evaluation and comparison.

[Left] Hard steel with a flat surface will create a predictable splatter pattern. [Right] Soft steel with an uneven surface will cause unpredictable and unsafe ricochet and splatter.The hardness of the steel is critical because only a smooth surface will generate predictable splatter patterns. Steel that is not sufficiently hard can develop pits, craters, dimples, and other hazardous deformations. When a bullet hits one of these deformations, it is impossible to predict where the splatter will go, thereby creating an unacceptabletraining environment.

Another major concern with steel body armor is spalling. When a round impacts a steel plate, it fragments and runs along the surface of the plate; the path of least resistance. This results in the person wearing the armor getting fragmentation to the face, arms, and legs. Modern body armor does an excellent job at controlling and mitigating spalling.

Ameralloy Steel Corporation is a prime supplier of speciality steel bar products and wear-resistant high-impact steel plate. Our full catalogue features speciality steels and standard AISI alloys to meet your demanding applications. 041b061a72


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