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How to Get 3D Tool V10 Premium License Key for Free: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

other settings include the number of iterations for the toolpath, the type of material being machined, whether were cutting using backlashes or beveling the tool, the feed rate and speed, whether this is a recursive or an iterative job and the method the software is using to determine the toolpaths.

3d Tool V10 Premium License Key

when you have found a material and a job which you want to optimize, you can go into the material optimization dialog (figure 1) and quickly view all the parts, the number of time steps and the surface and volume of each part. if you select a part, the material optimization dialog shows all of the optimizations that can be performed on this part. some of the options include a few that you would have encountered in earlier versions of the software.

when the optimization is complete you can preview the output, change the settings or manually edit the material if you need to. you can also export the optimized data as a dae, dxf or stl file, or if you want to use it as a template for a similar work, you can export the optimized material directly. if you are using the 32bit version of the software you have more optimization options by using the tool optimization dialog (figure 2).

the tool optimization dialog (figure 3) shows all of the changes to the material. any changes to the material will be shown at the top of the dialog with their effect on the toolpath highlighted. in this example i have changed the top 90% of the material to wood and the remainder to aluminium. the next section shows the results of the optimization.


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