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The Riftbreaker Metal Terror-FLT __LINK__

The Riftbreaker convinced with top graphics and a mix of building strategy, action RPG and survival. Read on to find out why the DLC is the ideal addition to the game.We are back on Galatea 37, where the jungle burns more beautifully than anywhere else. However, it now explodes more than it burns, because against metal-enhanced biomonsters, fire is not always the first choice, especially when enemies replicate through ineffective damage instead of going in.

The Riftbreaker Metal Terror-FLT


In addition to the new enemy types and the different environment, you can expect new items such as ornamental objects, skins and one-time use items, such as a small drill with which you can boost your resource income for a short time. However, the latter is actually (part of the free update), which will be released at the same time as the DLC.There are also new technologies, such as the Morphine Tower, which allows you to change the robotic environment to remove impassable obstacles. The tower needs to be fed with a new liquid related to the metal threat to do this. 041b061a72


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