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Attukara Alamelu Tamil Movie Free Download

Attukara Alamelu Tamil Movie Free Download

Are you looking for a way to watch the classic Tamil movie Attukara Alamelu for free? If yes, then you are in luck. In this article, we will tell you how to download Attukara Alamelu Tamil movie for free from various sources. But before that, let us give you a brief overview of the movie and why it is worth watching.

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What is Attukara Alamelu?

Attukara Alamelu is a 1977 Tamil-language film directed by R. Thyagarajan and produced by Sandow M. M. A. Chinnappa Thevar. The film stars Sivakumar and Sripriya in the lead roles. It was released on 10 November 1977 and became a silver jubilee hit.

The film tells the story of Alamelu, a goatherd who leads a happy life with her pet goat in a village. Her life changes for the worse when a landlord talks ill of her character and claims to have had an affair with her. Vijay, a city-bred engineer, comes to the village and falls in love with Alamelu. He decides to marry her and take her away from the village. However, he faces opposition from his family and the landlord, who tries to sabotage their relationship.

The film is a mix of romance, comedy, drama, and action. It features memorable songs composed by ShankarGanesh, such as "Aathula Meen", "Dhaagam Theerndhadi", "Paruththi Edukkaiyile", and "Then Koodu Thirumagal". The film also features a goat as one of the main characters, which adds to the charm and humor of the story.

Why should you watch Attukara Alamelu?

Attukara Alamelu is a classic example of Tamil cinema from the 1970s. It showcases the rural life and culture of Tamil Nadu, as well as the social issues and conflicts of that time. The film also has a strong message of love, courage, and justice.

The film is also notable for its performances by the lead actors, Sivakumar and Sripriya. Sivakumar plays the role of Vijay, a modern and educated man who respects women and stands up for his love. Sripriya plays the role of Alamelu, a simple and innocent girl who faces hardships and humiliation but never loses her dignity and faith. The chemistry between them is natural and convincing.

The film is also entertaining and engaging, with plenty of comedy scenes involving Suruli Rajan, Thengai Srinivasan, Nagesh, and the goat. The film also has some thrilling action sequences involving Sivakumar and Jai Ganesh.

How to download Attukara Alamelu Tamil movie for free?

If you want to watch Attukara Alamelu Tamil movie for free, you have several options. Here are some of them:

  • You can watch the full movie on YouTube from [this link] or [this link]. However, be aware that these videos may not have good quality or subtitles.

  • You can download the movie from various torrent sites or file-sharing platforms. However, be careful of malware or viruses that may harm your device or data.

  • You can use a VPN service or proxy server to access geo-restricted streaming sites that may have the movie available. However, be aware of the legal risks and ethical issues involved in this method.

  • You can buy or rent the movie from legitimate online platforms such as Amazon Prime Video or Google Play Movies. This is the safest and most legal way to watch the movie online.


Attukara Alamelu is a classic Tamil movie that you should not miss. It has a great story, wonderful songs, amazing performances, and a lovable goat. You can watch it for free from various sources online, but be careful of the quality and legality of those sources. Alternatively, you can support the filmmakers by buying or renting the movie from official platforms.


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