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[S5E2] A Real Wake-Up Call

So who was the wake-up call for? Probably everyone. So far the major characters are off doing their own things - Dawson with the baby, Casey with Dawson, Severide and whatever - so the team really needs to get it together and come together.

[S5E2] A Real Wake-Up Call

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If Casey really wants to maintain his integrity, all he has to do is call a press conference and explain the situation. Or call Susan? the political consultant, or hire a spin doctor to find a way to put the right spin on the story. otherwise he's just going to forever be in Dearing's pocket because he's afraid of upsetting his girlfriend? ::shakes head::

On Earth, Amos arrives in a crowded and seedy area in Baltimore. Walking through the crowd, he sees a woman comforting a young boy and wiping the blood off his face. He walks to an apartment building and knocks on a door inside, to be greeted by an old man. At first he doesn't recognize Amos and seems frightened, but eventually he realizes he is here for Lydia. He lets Amos into the apartment, calling him "Timothy." 041b061a72


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